Thursday, April 23, 2015

Classes and excursions

Starting on Monday our students spent time in classes with their host students. They followed their host student's schedule and attended whatever classes there host students had including history, English, math, science, etc.  in the afternoon we took a tour of the city including the University in church is around the town center. We also were able to go to the Town Hall where they explained the differences in government and showed us the rooms were they made all of the decisions.

On Wednesday we had a whole day excursion to Salamanca where we were guided through the various sites of the city including the very famous University and Cathedral. Our students were able to buy cookies from cloistered nuns.

Thursday is a regional holiday and there's no school. Many of the host families are taking students to local towns to visit the sites places such as Segovia Medina de Campo, Burgos, etc. 

After a couple of days in Spain our students are doing a wonderful job learning Spanish trying new foods and spending time with your families. Most of them have headaches from all of the Spanish that they're speaking in their homes and at school.

Heading to Spain

We met our group of 17 wonderful student in Logan airport at 2:30 pm for a 5:30 pm flight and they were all ready to get going and head to Spain. We had a quick 6+ hour flight, but most of the students were unable to sleep, partly because of the excitement and partly because it wasn't that late yet.

After arriving in Madrid we took a 2.5 hour bus ride to Valladolid where the families we waiting for us outside of the school. Our students were both nervous to meet the new host or reunite with the student they had hosted in the fall. After lots of hugs, they all headed to their homes with the Spanish families. Many parents prepared delicious lunches (the main meal of the day) for their students such as paella, cocido or tortilla de patata as a special welcome for the students.